George Tsaggouris

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We provide an improved FPTAS for multiobjective shortest paths—a fundamental (NP-hard) problem in multiobjective optimization—along with a new generic method for obtaining FPTAS to any multiobjective optimization problem with non-linear objectives. We show how these results can be used to obtain better approximate solutions to three related problems,(More)
Weconsider theRailwayTravelingSalesmanProblem (RTSP) in which a salesman using the railway network wishes to visit a certain number of cities to carry out his/her business, starting and ending at the same city, and having as goal to minimize the overall time of the journey. RTSP is an NP-hard problem. Although it is related to the Generalized Asymmetric(More)
We consider the QoS-aware Multicommodity Flow problem, a natural generalization of the weighted multicommodity flow problem where the demands and commodity values are elastic to the Quality-ofService characteristics of the underlying network. The problem is fundamental in transportation planning and also has important applications beyond the transportation(More)
We consider multiobjective shortest paths, a fundamental (NP-hard) problem in multiobjective optimization, where we are interested not in optimizing a single objective, but in finding a set of paths that captures the trade-off (the so-called Pareto curve) among several objectives in a digraph whose edges are associated with multidimensional cost vectors. We(More)
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