George Thanos

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— This article provides an overview of the multime-dia broadcast/multicast service (MBMS) for universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) networks. We first outline the features of UMTS networks as defined by the 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) in order to provide a background for the discussion to follow. We then present the overall MBMS(More)
— Demand Response (DR) programs encourage consumers to adjust their power consumption in response to DR events such as changes in electricity prices or sudden peaks in demand. While significant savings can be thus achieved, the real success of DR programs depends on the incentive compatible participation of consumers and their timely response to DR signals.(More)
Driven by the increasing demand, Grid technology is entering the business market in form of utility computing, Grid middleware and Grid-enabled applications. However, the business market is interested in complete Grid solutions. Thus, a successful take up of Grid technology on the business market requires the establishment of Grid value networks. This again(More)
The paper will approach the topic of the provision of SaaS in a Grid environment in light of the experience gained by the authors as business and legal consultants within BEinGRID project. In particular, starting from the analysis of 18 real business cases, some sensitive issues will be addressed, like the impact of Grid applications and resources offered(More)
Demand Response (DR) has recently garnered great attention, with many DR programs being deployed and evaluated worldwide. They are hailed as a significant benefit enabled by the Smart Grid and an efficient method to engage consumers in managing their energy usage and reduce environmental impact and costs. But while the opportunities are great, challenges(More)
Transportation networks are open and accessible, by design, and thus vulnerable to malicious attacks. Transportation networks are integral parts of larger systems, where individual transportation networks form a network-of-networks within a defined geographical region. A security incident on an asset can propagate to new security incidents in interconnected(More)
Security and identity management related issues indisputably constitute a major role in the adoption of new technologies in the Information Technology sector. Grid could not be an exception to that. This paper investigates another perspective apart from the technical one for dealing with such issues, the business one. It evaluates and discusses through real(More)
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