George Tagaras

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This paper presents a case study of applying a Bayesian approach to forecast demand and subsequently determine the appropriate parameter S of an (S-1,S) inventory system for controlling spare parts of electronic equipment. First, the problem and the current policy are described. Then, the basic elements of the Bayesian approach are introduced and the(More)
In an attempt to improve the procedures for statistical process control many researchers have developed and proposed a variety of adaptive control charts in the last decade. The common characteristic of those charts is that one or more of the chart parameters (sampling interval, sample size, control limits) is allowed to change during operation taking into(More)
This paper presents the economic design of X control charts for monitoring a critical stage of the main production process at a tile manufacturer in Greece. Two types of X-charts are developed: a chart of the Shewhart type with fixed parameters and adaptive charts with variable sampling intervals and/or sample size. Our prime motivation was to improve the(More)