George T. S. Ho

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The distribution of finished products from depots to customers is a practical and challenging problem in logistics management. Better routing and scheduling decisions can result in higher level of customer satisfaction because more customers can be served in a shorter time. The distribution problem is generally formulated as the vehicle routing problem(More)
The purpose of this research is to propose a procurement system across other disciplines and retrieved information with relevant parties so as to have a better co-ordination between supply and demand sides. This paper demonstrates how to analyze the data with an agent-based procurement system (APS) to re-engineer and improve the existing procurement(More)
In this paper, we propose a prototype of a decision support system (DSS) that integrates a hybrid neighborhood search algorithm to solve the offline and online routing problems arising in courier service. In the dynamic operational environment of courier service, new customer orders and order cancellations continually arrive over time and thus disrupt the(More)
One of the likeliest problems faced by the banks is the way the nature of money transaction takes place is not always known to the bank. One such problem consisting large amounts of money transferring through various accounts by the same person or entity is Money Laundering. Money laundering system is quite a convoluted process. It takes some understanding(More)
This paper discusses demand and supply chain management and examines how artificial intelligence techniques and RFID technology can enhance the responsiveness of the logistics workflow. This proposed system is expected to have a significant impact on the performance of logistics networks by virtue of its capabilities to adapt unexpected supply and demand(More)