George T. Heineman

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Dynamic plan migration is concerned with the on-the-fly transition from one continuous query plan to a semantically equivalent yet more efficient plan. Migration is important for stream monitoring systems where long-running queries may have to withstand fluctuations in stream workloads and data characteristics. Existing migration methods generally adopt a(More)
Large scale distributed real time and embedded (DRE) applications are complex entities that are often composed of different subsystems and have stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. These subsystems are often developed separately by different developers increasingly using commercial off-the shelf (COTS) middleware. Subsequently, these subsystems(More)
Marvel is a rule-based development environment (RBDE) that assists in the process of developing software projects. Marvel encapsulates each software development activity in a rule that speci es the condition for invoking the activity and e ects on the components of the project under development. These components are abstracted as objects and stored in a(More)
We present an architecture for multi-user software development environments, covering general, process-centered and rule-based MUSDEs. Our architecture is founded on componentization, with particular concern for the capability to replace the synchronization component–to allow experimentation with novel concurrency control mechanisms–with minimal(More)
Layered and componentized systems promise substantial benefits from dividing responsibilities, but it is still unresolved how to construct a system from pre-esisting, independently developed pieces. Good solutions to this problem, in general or for specific classes of components, should reduce duplicate implementation efforts and promote reuse of large(More)
There is a constant need for practical, efficient and cost-effective software evolution techniques. We propose a novel evolution methodology that integrates the concepts of features and component-based software engineering (CBSE). We collect information about a legacy system's features through interviews with key developers, users of the system and(More)
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