George T. Flowers

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Introduction Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is the current buzz technology in automotive industry, and rightly so. NHTSA has published that ESC reduces single vehicle crashes by 67% and fatal crashes by 64%. With 10,376 rollover related fatalities in 2003 and 8,476 of those being single vehicle rollover fatalities, the numbers reveal the potential ESC(More)
Establishment of a petroleum refinery in 1916 near the headwaters of Bayou Trepagnier with subsequent dredging of the bayou resulted in spoil banks containing high levels of Pb. A large swamp abuts the eastern bank of the bayou. Cores were taken from 15 baldcypress [Taxodium distichum (L.) Richard] trees growing in the swamp along a 610-m transect (nine(More)
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