George Suárez Martínez

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  • George Suárez Martínez, Manuel Jiménez Cedeño, Rogelio Palomera García, Date, Domingo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Graduate Date Member +7 others
  • 2006
Sigma delta modulators (ΣΔMs) form part of the core of today's mixed-signal designs. They are cornerstone components of oversampled data converters. Such data converters take advantage of digital signal processing techniques and VLSI technology to provide high performance with low sensitivity to analog component imperfections and noisy conditions. The(More)
Behavioral modeling is a viable solution to the extensive and complicated simulation of Σ∆ Μ. VHDL-AMS provide the flexibility and capability to develop Σ∆ Μ models including nonidealities effects. Through this work we intend to analyze and export to VHDL-AMS, a proposed behavioral model in SIMULINK® of a second order Σ∆ Μ including noise sources and other(More)
— The performance of Σ∆ Modulators (Σ∆Ms) is highly dependent of that of their embedded switched-capacitor (SC) network. Therefore, detailed transient models of SC in-tegrators become necessary when modeling Σ∆Ms. This work presents a behavioral transient model of a SC integrator that includes the effects of the amplifier transconductance and output(More)
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