George Stylios

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An overview of the current state of tissue engineering material systems used in bone healing is presented. A variety of fabrication processes have been developed that have resulted in porous implant substrates that can address unresolved clinical problems. The merits of these biomaterial systems are evaluated in the context of the mechanical properties and(More)
A document understanding system has been developed, AMDS_hw, which is based on the synergy of English grammar parsing with sentence clustering and reduction. The system is capable of producing a summary of single or multiple documents, but the present study only focuses on multi-document summary and hence has participated in DUC2003 evaluations under the(More)
As medical practice enters a new era with the exciting new applications of nanoscience and technology, the paper introduces the philosophy and the principles of controlled drug delivery and the generation of tissue. It further describes and discusses new research into nanoporous materials and how encapsulation of various medical substances can create(More)
This work examines and proposes a new method for web mining inference based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. The web mining inference and knowledge extraction consists of two phases. At the first phase the a priori algorithm is used for web mining and a collection of Association rules is inferred. In the second phase, the set of Association Rules is transformed(More)
Automatic document summarization is a highly interdisciplinary research area related with computer science as well as cognitive psychology. Here, we introduce an intelligent algorithm, the event indexing and summarization (EIS) algorithm, for automatic document summarization, which is based on taking into account a cognitive psychological model, the(More)
Electrospinning is a unique way to producing novel polymer nano fibres with diameter typically in the range from 10 nm to 1500nm. Large length to diameter ratio and small mass to volume ratio of these nanosizes fibres widens the areas of their application to many industrial uses. Nylon 6 nanofibres with diameter ranging from 150nm to 1300 nm were produced(More)
Web 2.0 has facilitated interactive information sharing on the WWW, allowing users the opportunity to articulate their opinions on different topics. In this framework, certain practices implement information monitoring systems so as digests, reports on keywords and thematic queries regarding opinions on government decisions to be created. Analysis of(More)
This work proposes a bio-inspired based methodology in order to extract and evaluate user's web texts / posts. To validate the methodology, a dataset is constructed using real data arising from Greek fora. The obtained results are compared with a commonly used machine learning technique (decision treesC4. 5 algorithm). The bio-inspired algorithm(More)
The capability for sustained and gradual release of pharmaceuticals is a major requirement in the development of a guided antimicrobial bacterial control system for clinical applications. In this study, PVA gels with varying constituents that were manufactured via a refreeze/thawing route, were found to have excellent potential for antimicrobial delivery(More)