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Scalability Terminology: Farms, Clones, Partitions, Packs, RACS and RAPS
Defines a vocabulary for scaleable systems: Geoplexes, Farms, Clones, RACS, RAPS, clones, partitions, and Packs and dicusses the design tradeoffs of using clones, partitons, and packs. Expand
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Illustrating the Michelson-Morley experiment
Considering that the rays in the Michelson-Morley interferometer perform the radar detection of its mirrors, we use a relativistic diagram that displays, at a convenient scale, their location and theExpand
Taiwan's Information Superhighway: Technical Issues and Social Impacts
The advent of the Internet has been one of the most exciting major events in the second half of the 20 century. Expand
Maxwell equations in Riemannian space-time, geometry effect on material equations in media
The known possibility to consider the (vacuum) Maxwell equations in a curved space-time as Maxwell equations in flat space-time(Mandel'stam L.I., Tamm I.E.) taken in an effective media the propertiesExpand
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Maxwell equations in a media , transition to new variables
On the different forms of the Maxwell's electromagnetic equations in a uniform media Two known, alternative to each other, forms of the Maxwell's electromagnetic equations in a moving uniform mediaExpand
Illustrating Einstein's Special Relativity: A relativistic diagram that displays in true values the components of a four vector
After having shown that the corresponding components of a four vector transform viathe same transformation factors as the space-time coordinates of the same event do, we design a relativistic diagramExpand
Majorana–Oppenheimer Approach to Maxwell Electrodynamics. Part I. Minkowski Space
The Riemann–Silberstein–Majorana–Oppenheimer approach to the Maxwell electrodynamics in presence of electrical sources and arbitrary media is investigated within the matrix formalism. The symmetry ofExpand
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Plenary Address 2: Computing in the '90s, Microsoft, and Supercomputers
  • G. Spix
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of International Conference on…
  • 19 December 1994
We appear to be entering an era of super-computing mono-culture. Expand
Relativistic aberration effect on the the light reflection law and the form of reflecting surface in a moving reference frame
The influence of the relativistic motion of the reference frame on the light reflection law is investigated. The method is based on applying the relativistic aberration affect for three lightExpand
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Is the assumption of a special system of reference consistent with Special Relativity? Definitely yes, special approaches show it!
We compare the results obtained by interpreting some fundamental relativistic experiments from the point of view of two alternative theories: Einstein's special relativity theory and theExpand