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In order to better understand the musical properties which elicit an increased sensation of wanting to move when listening to music-groove-we investigate the effect of adding syncopation to simple piano melodies, under the hypothesis that syncopation is correlated to groove. Across two experiments we examine listeners' experience of groove to synthesized(More)
Groove is the experience of wanting to move when hearing music, such as snapping fingers or tapping feet. This is a central aspect of much music, in particular of music intended for dancing. While previous research has found considerable consistency in ratings of groove across individuals, it remains unclear how groove is induced, that is, what are the(More)
In this paper we address the problem of measuring synco-pation in order to mediate a musically meaningful interaction between a live music performance and an automatically generated rhythm. To this end we present a simple, yet effective interactive music system we developed. We shed some light on the complex nature of syncopation by looking into MIDI data(More)
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