George Siolas

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We propose to solve a text categorization task using a new metric between documents, based on a priori semantic knowledge about words. This metric can be incorporated into the definition of radial basis kernels of Support Vector Machines or directly used in a K-nearest neighbors algorithm. Both SVM and KNN are tested and compared on the 20 newsgroups(More)
A new relevance feedback (RF) approach for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is presented, which uses Gaussian mixture (GM) models as image representations. The GM of each image is obtained as an adaptation of a universal GM which models the probability distribution of the features of the image database. In each RF round, the positive and negative(More)
We consider the topographic clustering task and focus on the problem of its evaluation, which enables to perform model selection: topographic clustering algorithms, from the original Self Organizing Map to its extension based on kernel (STMK), can be viewed in the unified framework of constrained clustering. Exploiting this point of view, we discuss(More)
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