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Cutaneous melanoma is the most aggressive skin malignancies with increasing rate of incidence in the latest decades. New imaging technique plays an important role in melanoma management: dermoscopy and computer dermoscopy, ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET and PET/CT. Due to the dermoscopy and lesion diagnosis in early stages the increasing number of curative(More)
We present a case of abdominal and retroperitoneal actinomycosis, clinicaly evidenced by a large tumor in the left inferior abdominal quadrant, in a 72-year-old male. Following clinical and laboratory investigations (imaging), strong suspicion of a left colon neoplasm was raised. Surgery consisted in an exploratory laparotomy and multiple biopsies of the(More)
We present the case of a 62 years old patient, with multiple associated tares, which was operated in emergency for an Amyand's hernia. The appendix was perforated and generated a big pussy collection (aprox. 200 ml) in the hernia sac. The impossibility of mobilization of the appendix, which was just 2/3 in the hernia sac, made us perform a median laparotomy(More)
We present the rare case of a 61-year-old female patient who was submitted in the hospital with metrorrhagia and pelvi-abdominal pain. Echographic examination revealed an heterogeneous uterine mass measuring 190/130/110 mm. Therefore, total hysterectomy with bilateral ooforectomy was performed. Grossly, the uterus presented a tumoral mass with areas of(More)
We report the case of a patient operated in 2003 for renal clear cell carcinoma (CCRC), when left nephrectomy was performed. In the years following occur: lung (2004) and brain (2006) metastasis, pathological bone fracture in right femur (2007), which needed a complex treatment: polichimiotherapy, cobaltotherapy, right temporal metastasectomy, right femoral(More)
Porcelain gallbladder (PG) is a rare entity. It's frequently associated with cholecyst lithiasis (90%). Diagnosis is established based on imaging assays (simple abdominal radiography, ultrasound and/or abdominal CT). Pathologically is an extensive process of calcification of the gallbladder wall. The literature mentioned strongly PG association with cancer(More)
Known as nerve sheath myxoma too, neurothekeoma are benign tumors, usually arise in the skin of the head, neck region and upper extremities, in young females. Cerebral neurothekeoma are very rare, a few cases were already described in the parasellar area, in the middle cranial and posterior fossa. We present a petro-clival neurotekoma. A 78-year-old male(More)
The article presents the case of a male patient, hospitalized due to severe pain in the upper abdomen area, nausea, and vomiting. The patient was diagnosed with surgical acute abdomen, for which emergency surgery is performed. Upon penetration into the peritoneal cavity, stomach inspection shows at the medio-gastric level, on the greater curvature, a(More)
In the last decades, the incidence of skin cancer is in continuous growth, but the mortality remains at the same level thanks to the new imaging diagnosis methods and surgical treatment. A real problem regarding differential diagnosis between cutaneous melanoma and non-melanotic skin tumor appear, despite advanced technologies, which have a major impact on(More)