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Magnetic storms trigger myocardial infarctions with mechanisms relating to heart rate variability. Solar cycle-to-solar cycle differences and solar cycle stage dependence shown herein may resolve prior controversy and serve to advocate coordinated worldwide systematically aligned biological and physical monitoring. * This paper was originally invited by the(More)
OBJECTIVES To review mechanisms of circadian variations in heart rate variability (HRV) and blood pressure variability (BPV) and mortality and morbidity due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD). METHODS Results from 7-day/24-h HRV and BPV are interpreted by gender and age-specified reference values in the context of a Medline search. RESULTS Abnormal HRV(More)
Self-experimentation concerns not only scientists, but also each individual for the sake of his/her chronobiologic health and science literacy, eventually to be acquired in primary and secondary education. Public education ensures that everybody who knows how to read or write can dispense with the service of a costly scribe. At all ages, public education(More)
We suggest a putative benefit from timing nutriceuticals (substances that are both nutrients and pharmaceuticals) such as antioxidants for preventive or curative health care, based on the proven merits of timing nutrients, drugs, and other treatments, as documented, i.a., in India. The necessity of timing melatonin, a major antioxidant, is noted. A protocol(More)
We chronobiologically estimate the time relations of physiological and morphological changes in breast tissue during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, as a cascade led by the progesterone peak. The timing and uncertainties of maxima in epithelial mitotic frequency, breast and epithelial volume, breast surface temperature, water content, blood flow(More)
Evidence for the ubiquity and partial endogenicity of about-weekly (circaseptan) components and multiples and/or submultiples thereof (the multiseptans) accumulates as longer and denser records become available. Often attributed to a mere response to the social schedule, circaseptan components now have been documented to characterize environmental variables(More)
An impeccable time series, published in 1930, consisting of hourly observations on colony advance in a fluid culture of E. coli, was analyzed by a periodogram and power spectrum in 1961. While the original senior author had emphasized specifically periodicity with no estimate of period length, he welcomed further analyses. After consulting his technician,(More)
Afew puzzles relating to a small fraction of my endeavors in the 1950s are summarized herein, with answers to a few questions of the Editor-in-Chief, to suggest that the rules of variability in time complement the rules of genetics as a biological variability in space. I advocate to replace truisms such as a relative constancy or homeostasis, that have(More)
A scientific optimization may become possible in ethics to the extent to which any reproducible since cyclic features of spirituality and of criminality become measurable. Should either or both the 'good' or the 'bad' be found to be at least passively influenced by cyclic physical environmental factors, as is putatively the case, these aspects of behavior(More)
Week-long or longer monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, coupled to time-structure analyses, can help detect disease-risk elevations, as a warning of the need for a preventive prehabilitation. Within the normal range of physiologic variation, computer methods quantify time structures, or chronomes, that can serve as reference values. The major(More)