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SYNOPSIS OF THE MEDICINAL FLORA OF “CARIRI PARAIBANO”. A survey on the diversity of medicinal plants in the flora of the “Cariri Paraibano”, Brazil, has been made. 70 plant species belonging to 59Expand
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Flora da Paraíba, Brasil: Erythroxylaceae Kunth
A taxonomic treatment of the Erythroxylaceae family was undertaken as part of the project "Flora da Paraiba" which aims to identify and catalogue the species of the local flora. BotanicalExpand
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Flora da Paraíba, Brasil: Polygala L. (Polygalaceae)
A taxonomic treatment of the genus Polygala L. was carried out as part of the project "Flora da Paraiba". Botanical identifications and illustrations were based on morphological studies supported byExpand
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Flora da Paraíba, Brasil: Combretaceae
RESUMO – (Flora da Paraiba, Brasil: Combretaceae). Apresenta-se o tratamento taxonomico da familia Combretaceae como parte doprojeto “Flora da Paraiba”, que vem sendo realizado com o objetivo deExpand
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Synopsis of Sida (Malvaceae, Malvoideae, Malveae) in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil
Sida is one of most heterogeneous genera of Malvaceae and one of the richest in species inside Malvoideae. It comprises about 200 pantropical and American species with a few of these extending intoExpand
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Estudo farmacobotânico de folhas de Nicotiana glauca (Solanaceae)
RESUMO. Realizou-se um estudo farmacobotânico de folhas de Nicotiana glauca Graham, conhecida popularmente no Nordeste do Brasil como “fumo-bravo”, cujos cigarros das folhas secas sao usados contraExpand
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A new record of Sida glutinosa (Malvaceae), a rare species of the Caatinga in northeastern Brazil, with lectotypifications and taxonomic notes on the allied Sida glabra
Sida glutinosa (Malvaceae), a rare and poorly known species in Brazil, is recorded in areas of the Caatinga ecoregion, as well as its first occurrence in the State of Paraiba. In addition, theExpand
Flora da Paraíba, Brasil: Loganiaceae
This work constitutes a taxonomic treatment of the Loganiaceae family as part of the project "Flora da Paraiba", which have been carried out with the objective to identify and catalogue the speciesExpand
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Contribution to Neotropical data of Geastrum section Corollina (Basidiomycota): Two new earth-stars from Caatinga vegetation, Brazil
The first author would like to thank Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior (CAPES, Brazilian agency) for four months of doctorate international scholarship in Madrid–Spain; theExpand