George Sergeyevich Arkhipov

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As many as 43 patients with first diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia running a shift-like course were examined for the blood counts of T and B lymphocytes with regard to the treatment conducted and disease standing. The patients received 3 types of the treatment: insulin, neuroleptics and combined treatment (insulin plus neuroleptics). During the treatment(More)
Morphological characteristics of the liver and the presence of HBsAg in the blood serum, liver tissue, and pericholedocheal lymph nodes were examined in 25 patients with chronic liver diseases and 2 asymptomatic carriers of HBsAg. The antigen in tissues was demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence and histochemically by staining with alcohol-arsein and(More)
The presence of HBs--Ag in the blood was established in 1.8% of practically healthy persons, in 29.7% of virus hepatitis patients and in 86.0% of serum hepatitis patients. The immunological study of clinically healthy HBs--Ag carriers revealed a statistically significant decrease in the number of T and B lymphocytes and an increased level of serum IgA, IgM(More)
AIM Determine the level of antibodies against socially significant types/serotypes of influenza virus in sera of individuals residing in various regions of Russia. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1525 samples of blood sera collected in August-December 2013 in 8 regions of Russian Federation were studied in hemagglutination inhibition reaction (HAI) with antigens(More)
OBJECTIVES An epidemic situation on human immunodeficiency virus infection can be stopped and even compelled to step back, if adequate and comprehensive prophylactic measures are performed in the proper time. METHODS Prophylactic measures should be, directed on those groups, who are at high risk for becoming infected or who are carriers of HIV as the top(More)
Guinea pigs infested with Trichinella (5-10 larvae per 1 g body weight) at the intestinal (at days 2-4 of infection), migration al (at days 6-11), and muscular (at days 22-27) stages of invasion, were given voltaren, 2.14 mg/kg daily, and mebendazole, 75 mg/kg daily. The amount of adult Trichinella in small intestine and larvae in the diaphragm, T- and(More)
Quantitative content of T- and B-lymphocytes in the peripheral blood was studied after Mendes in 30 patients suffering from chronic opisthorcosis and in 30 practically healthy persons; immunoglobulins--M, G, and A were examined after Mancini, and the presence of autoantibodies in the blood serum was studied by indirect method of mast cells degranulation.(More)
Infusion of 1.5% reamberin solution was shown to be a safe tool for combined therapy of severe viral hepatitis in drug addicts with signs of polyorganic lesions. Reamberin had detoxicating, antioxidative, hepato- and nephroprotective effects associated with clinical improvement, reduced hospital stay and normalized biochemical characteristics. Moreover, it(More)