George S. Katinas

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Magnetic storms trigger myocardial infarctions with mechanisms relating to heart rate variability. Solar cycle-to-solar cycle differences and solar cycle stage dependence shown herein may resolve prior controversy and serve to advocate coordinated worldwide systematically aligned biological and physical monitoring. * This paper was originally invited by the(More)
Afew puzzles relating to a small fraction of my endeavors in the 1950s are summarized herein, with answers to a few questions of the Editor-in-Chief, to suggest that the rules of variability in time complement the rules of genetics as a biological variability in space. I advocate to replace truisms such as a relative constancy or homeostasis, that have(More)
Taking the heart rate (HR) for one cycle, whether to examine behavior in the region of periods of 1 s, 1 day, 1 week, 1.3 or 10.5 years, etc., is hazardous. Replications, when possible are mandatory for examining altered variability, whatever the period(s) involved may be. This replication in the individual, and across individuals when the periods are long,(More)
As an extension of the chronobiological serial section, gliding spectra illustrate the changing time structure (chronome) of physiological, physical and/or other variables in a given frequency range. For this purpose, least squares spectra are computed over a specified interval (much shorter than the observation span) that is progressively displaced by a(More)
A multi-center four-hourly sampling of many tissues for 7 days (00:00 on April 5-20:00 to April 11, 2004), on rats standardized for 1 month in two rooms on antiphasic lighting regimens happened to start on the day after the second extremum of a moderate double magnetic storm gauged by the planetary geomagnetic Kp index (which at each extremum reached 6.3(More)
Geomagnetic activity has a strong half-yearly but no precise yearly component in its spectrum, as Armin Grafe suggested nearly half a century ago. We have postulated elsewhere that non-photic cycles such as those in geomagnetics may have signatures in the biosphere and vice versa that biological rhythms have likely counterparts in the physical environment.(More)