George S. Golda

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We describe a novel sequencing approach that combines non-gel-based signature sequencing with in vitro cloning of millions of templates on separate 5 microm diameter microbeads. After constructing a microbead library of DNA templates by in vitro cloning, we assembled a planar array of a million template-containing microbeads in a flow cell at a density(More)
DNA sequence information underpins genetic research, enabling discoveries of important biological or medical benefit. Sequencing projects have traditionally used long (400-800 base pair) reads, but the existence of reference sequences for the human and many other genomes makes it possible to develop new, fast approaches to re-sequencing, whereby shorter(More)
An instrument/chemistry system is described that automates a new chemical procedure functionally equivalent to Southern blotting. A fluorescence gel scanner that detects migrating DNA fragments in real-time analyzes the samples produced by a prototype liquid-handling instrument that automates a solution-phase hybridization/solid-phase capture chemistry for(More)
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