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The Ravenscar Profile was defined at the 18<sup>th</sup> International Real-Time Ada Workshop as a simple subset of the tasking features of Ada, in order to support efficient, high integrity applications that need to be analysed for their timing properties. Ada compiler vendor Aonix subsequently implemented the Profile via its Raven product line, and is(More)
The safety critical community – those involved in developing and verifying safety critical systems – is very conservative and adverse to change. Meanwhile, technology is changing rapidly, and there is pressure to adapt systems to improve their efficiency and safety. This presents a number of challenges. The community has already addressed some; others are(More)
As the person working directly to implement avion-ics modernization, what is your architecture template for change? Ardis: Our change template for modernization as well as other avionics changes is centered around the Viable Combat Avionics (VCA) initiative. Aging avion-ics issues, avionics affordability issues, and viability issues depending on specifics,(More)
Introduction The development of mission and safety critical software has bee n with us for a number of years. However, recently additiona l focus has been placed on software and its contribution to th e integrity (safe operation) of potentially hazardous systems, i .e. aircraft, air traffic control systems, chemical and nuclea r plants, and even automotive(More)
The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture is a software interface, data-model, and business system architecture, defining the rules and conventions for developing interoperable software components for UAS Ground Control Stations (GCS). The UCS Application Architecture, Platform Architecture, and Reference Architecture elements(More)
  • G. Romanski
  • 2008
Configuration of IMA systems is a key technology that makes such systems flexible, yet controlled. The configuration data is a critical component of these systems as it affects system behavior. The configuration data is presented in a form that is readable by engineers and is often translated into a binary representation. This translation must be verified.(More)