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OBJECTIVES To characterise the information needs of family doctors by collecting the questions they asked about patient care during consultations and to classify these in ways that would be useful to developers of knowledge bases. DESIGN Observational study in which investigators visited doctors for two half days and collected their questions. Taxonomies(More)
Modern fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs) of family planning have been offered as alternative methods of family planning. Billings Ovulation Method, the Creighton Model, and the Symptothermal Method are the more widely used FABMs and can be more narrowly defined as natural family planning. The first 2 methods are based on the examination of cervical(More)
This was a prospective, cluster randomized controlled trial in patients with uncontrolled hypertension aged 21 to 85 years (mean, 61 years). Pharmacists made recommendations to physicians for patients in the intervention clinics (n=101) but not patients in the control clinics (n=78). The mean adjusted difference in systolic blood pressure (BP) between the(More)
Clinical laboratory are often provided as numerical values that are then interpreted as being positive or negative. While this approach might simplify interpretation, it also makes interpretation contingent on a standard test cutoff point. Alternatively, test results can be interpreted for a specific patient with reference to the particular patient's(More)
Low-dose thiazide-type diuretics are recommended as initial therapy for most hypertensive patients. Chlorthalidone has significantly reduced stroke and cardiovascular end points in several landmark trials; however, hydrochlorothiazide remains favored in practice. Most clinicians assume that the drugs are interchangeable, but their antihypertensive effects(More)
Women who have undergone augmentation mammoplasty with silicone gel implants may present for routine breast cancer screening or with palpable breast lumps. Conventional mammography supplemented by additional displaced or Eklund view is usually sufficient to detect most abnormalities. Ultrasonographic evaluation may be performed as an ancillary technique to(More)
  • MS Dr. Mark H. Ebell MD, George R. Bergus, MS Lawrence Warbasse MD, Roger Bloomer BS
  • 1996
OBJECTIVE: To measure the accuracy, reliability, and discrimination of physicians’ predictions of the outcome of in-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), using a large series of detailed clinical vignettes of patients with known outcomes. DESIGN: Faculty and resident physicians at three university-affiliated generalist training programs were given(More)
CONTEXT The development of a valid and reliable measure of clinical reasoning ability is a prerequisite to advancing our understanding of clinically relevant cognitive processes and to improving clinical education. A record of problem-solving performances within standardised and computerised patient simulations is often implicitly assumed to reflect(More)
BACKGROUND Informal ("curbside") consults are widely used by primary care physicians. These interactions occur in person, by telephone, or even by e-mail. Exposure to malpractice liability is a frequent concern of subspecialty physicians and influences their willingness to engage in this activity. To assess this risk, we reviewed reported judicial opinions(More)
BACKGROUND Informal (curbside) consultations are central to clinical medicine. Typically, these exchanges between health professionals occur face-to-face or by telephone, but both of these methods can be inefficient. We created an electronic mail (E-mail) service for curbside consultations between family physicians and other health care specialists at an(More)