George Politis

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BACKGROUND Laryngospasm is the most frequently reported respiratory complication associated with upper respiratory infection and general anesthesia in retrospective studies, but prospective studies have failed to demonstrate any increase in risk. METHODS A case-control study was performed to examine whether children with laryngospasm were more likely to(More)
Induction of premature chromosome condensation enables direct observation of radiation-induced cytogenetic damage in non-stimulated, interphase, human peripheral blood lymphocytes. This phenomenon can be explored in radiation protection for biological dosimetry in instances of accidental exposure to ionizing radiation. Quantification of an exposure by means(More)
BACKGROUND A significant need is met by volunteer groups who provide free reconstructive plastic surgery for underserved children in developing countries. However, at present there are no consistent guidelines for volunteer groups in plastic surgery seeking to provide high-quality and safe care. METHODS With these quality and safety standards in mind, in(More)
BACKGROUND We report the evaluation of six sedative-hypnotic and analgesic combinations administered to children undergoing brief periods of unconscious (or deep) sedation for painful procedures. METHODS In a prospective, open-label, randomized, controlled study of six groups of 27-30 children each, patients were randomly assigned to receive propofol or(More)
Sedation with analgesia is frequently required to perform painful or invasive procedures in children. The best medication combination for pediatric sedation with analgesia is yet to be identified. Sixty-four of 243 total sedation with analgesia procedures from January 1994 through August 1995 were randomly chosen for descriptive retrospective review and(More)
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis (BDP) is usually caused by anatomic lesions of both phrenic nerves or generalized neurologic diseases. BDP has also been observed during and after infections, associated with mediastinal tumors, or may have an idiopathic etiology. A 57-year-old woman with breast cancer had progressive dyspnea that worsened when in the(More)