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Resisted Sled Sprint Training to Improve Sprint Performance: A Systematic Review
RSS training is a novel training method with potential for the improvement of sprint performance, but its performance benefits over URS training remain to be conclusively demonstrated.Data Sources: Study Eligibility and AppraisalA systematic review was performed primarily using PubMed. Expand
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Reliability of the Maximal Resisted Sprint Load Test and Relationships With Performance Measures and Anthropometric Profile in Female Field Sport Athletes.
Petrakos, G, Tynan, NC, Vallely-Farrell, AM, Kiely, C, Boudhar, A, and Egan, B. Reliability of the maximal resisted sprint load test and relationships with performance measures and anthropometricExpand
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Regional inequalities in Europe: reflections on evidence, theory and policy
The evolution of regional inequalities in the European Union is often perceived as the spatial footprint of the forces and dynamics driving and shaping its increasingly integrated economy. Seen fromExpand
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ΕΓΝΑΤΙΑ ΟΔΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΚΗ ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΗΜια θεωρητική και εμπειρική διερεύνησηEgnatia Odos and Regional Development: A Theoretical and Experimental Study
Το βασικό eρeυνητικό eρώτημα του παρόντος άρθρου eίναι οι eπιδράσeις των διαπeριφeρeιακών οδικών δικτύων στην πeριφeρeιακή ανάπτυξη. Το eρώτημα αυτό έχeι απασχολήσeι ιδιαίτeρα την eπιστημονικήExpand
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