George-Peter K. Economou

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The original concept that led to the structuring of a computer-based medical decision support system (DSS) that is able to support a physician's diagnosis is introduced in this paper. The concept's implementation modeled a generic DSS, the core of which are an integrated knowledge/information base (KIB) along with the inference properties of a data(More)
A new telemedicine service, called the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization Telemedicine Service (OTE-TS), which addresses an open multidisciplinary group of medical care providers (users), is presented in this paper. OTE-TS is supported by the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (OTE) and is the result of the close collaboration of engineers,(More)
The review of a prototype Medical Decision Making System based on a robust configuration of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) is the topic of this article. It is designed to cover a whole category of human diseases, as can be proved by the already adapted systems that covered Pulmonogical and Haematological Cases. Moreover, an inside view is provided on one(More)
A prototype medical decision making system (MDMS) based on a powerful subclass of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and its hardware description using VHDL, is the topic of this article. This MDMS, is generally structured to cover a whole category of distressed body organs. An application to the full spectrum of pulmonary diseases (PDs) is presented,(More)