George Petasis

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Named-entity recognition involves the identification and classification of named entities in text. This is an important subtask in most language engineering applications, in particular information extraction, where different types of named entity are associated with specific roles in events. The manual construction of rules for the recognition of named(More)
This paper presents a large-scale Greek morphological lexicon, developed by the Software & Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL) of NCSR "Demokritos". The paper describes the lexicon architecture, the procedure followed to develop it, as well as the provided functionalities to update it. The morphological lexicon was used to develop a lemmatiser and a(More)
(for dissemination): Ontology evolution is generally defined as the timely adaptation of an on-tology to changing requirements and the consistent propagation of changes to dependent artifacts. In BOEMIE, a novel, pattern-driven methodology for multimedia ontology evolution is defined to control the bootstrapping process. The methodology uses the information(More)
This paper addresses the problem of Information Extraction (IE) system customization to new domains and extraction needs with the use of PatEdit, an IE Pattern Editor. PatEdit is a human-assisted knowledge engineering tool, that facilitates the production of IE patterns. First, we present the problem of IE system customisation and the use of human assisted(More)
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