George Papadourakis

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Air pollution can affect health and well-being of people and ecosystems. Due to the health risk posed for sensitive population groups, it is important to provide with hourly and daily forecasts of air pollution. One way to assess air pollution is to make use of the Common Air Quality Index (CAQI) of the European Environment Agency (EEA). In this paper we(More)
A popular approach to training feed-forward nets is to treat the problem of adaptation as a function approximation and to use curve fitting techniques. We discuss here the problems which the use of pure curve fitting techniques entail for the generalization capability and robustness of the net. These problems are in general inherently associated with the(More)
We address the problem of recognizing real flat objects from two-dimensional images. A newm ethod is proposed which has mainly been designed to handle complexo bjects and performs under occlusion and similarity transformations. Matching operates hierarchically,g uided by a Curvature Scale Space (CSS) segmentation scheme,a nd takes advantage ofi mportant(More)