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Web-based courses have been used to appeal to many segments of potential students. While there has been a rush to develop Web-based courses in universities, there has not been a corresponding publication of research linking Web-based course development to the characteristics of students being taught. Today's universities have a student population that is(More)
Does the AACSB common body of knowledge requirement for information systems (including applications) suggest that this discipline be included in course work in each business school discipline? Certainly information systems permeate all functional areas of business. Therefore, should information systems theory and practice be incorporated into the course(More)
There is considerable disagreement as to whether or not a procedural language, such as COBOL, should be included in the junior/senior year course work of information systems students. The curriculum recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) includes a procedural language prerequisite for information systems students. The ACM(More)
Access to global information fundamentally alters the information scanning function of decision-makers. The flattening of the management pyramid means information scanning of external sources is being performed by personnel in middle and lower levels of management, not only in the traditional 'senior' management level. Both graduate and undergraduate(More)
Research appearing in <i>Computer Personnel</i> has focused on a number of topics between April 1994 and January 1998, the most consistent topic concerned the careers of information systems professionals. In preparation of articles, researchers have used a variety of references for their work. A surprising number of texts have been cited; the number of text(More)
The efficacy of web-based course materials is a growing concern because an increasing proportion of course materials are being delivered via web resources. Some of the materials are being developed by faculty and some by other entities such as textbook publishers. The effectiveness of web-based course materials is important because of its increasing use. "(More)