George P. Saba

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Fluid collections are an important component of severe pancreatitis because they may produce a detectable mass and may be responsible for prolongation of fever and pain. Among 59 cases of clinically verified pancreatitis, 32 were shown by CT to be complicated by pancreatic and/or extrapancreatic fluid collections. Pancreatic fluid collections, diagnosed in(More)
To estimate patient preferences for gallstone-related treatments and outcomes, and assess how preferences vary by patient characteristics and scaling technique, the authors randomly assigned 40 patients without gallstones to interviews based on a rating scale (n = 22) and a standard gamble (n = 18). The patients assigned preference values (possible values 0(More)
Esophageal hematoma secondary to thrombocytopenia has only recently been described in the literature in a single case report. This article presents the clinical manifestations and radiographic findings of 4 additional cases of esophageal hematoma secondary to thrombocytopenia. Three patients were receiving treatment for leukemia, and the other patient had(More)
To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy vs. cholecystectomy for symptomatic gallstones, a model was constructed that projects charges and survival for both treatments. For a 45-year-old woman with one small stone, treatment with extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy rather than cholecystectomy is projected to result in an(More)
Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease of the colon may manifest roentgenographically as localized tumor-like lesions of the colon. Such lesions are often of inflammatory origin but are likely to be mistaken for polypoid carcinoma or infiltrating submucosal malignancy. Four patients with localized inflammatory lesions of the colon that mimicked a neoplastic(More)
Fistulas between the tracheobronchial tree and the esophagus (TE fistula) caused by tuberculosis are rare; usually they are associated with readily apparent pulmonary and/or mediastinal infection, and require surgical management. The patient we describe presented with a TE fistula as the only manifestation of active tuberculosis. This case represents the(More)
As the Food and Drug Administration trials for biliary lithotripsy in the United States near completion, future criteria for patient eligibility remain to be defined. Gallstone calcification greater than 3-mm partial rim on plain film (KUB) or oral cholecystogram (OCG) has excluded patients thus far, since early results of gallstone clearance (lithotripsy(More)
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