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Fish Biodiversity of the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain, Southwestern Atlantic: An Updated Database
Despite a strong increase in research on seamounts and oceanic islands ecology and biogeography, many basic aspects of their biodiversity are still unknown. In the southwestern Atlantic, theExpand
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Shelf‐edge reefs as priority areas for conservation of reef fish diversity in the tropical Atlantic
1.Data from fishing surveys employing bottom long-lines were analysed to characterize the diversity, assemblages and distribution patterns of demersal fish along the Brazilian outer shelf and upperExpand
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Lanternfish (Myctophidae) from eastern Brazil, southwest Atlantic Ocean
Twenty-nine species from 11 genera of Myctophidae were taken in daytime midwater and bottom trawl hauls off eastern Brazil (11 o -22 o S). Trawls were performed aboard the French R/V Thalassa toExpand
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Indirect signals of spawning aggregations of three commercial reef fish species on the continental shelf of Bahia, east coast of Brazil
Lutjanus analis (Cioba), Lutjanus Jocu (Dentao) e Mycteroperca bonaci (Badejo) sao peixes recifais de alto valor comercial e estao entre os principais recursos explotados na costa da Bahia. EstasExpand
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Revisiting Brazilian Catch Data for Brazilian Marine Waters (1950-2010)
Revisiting Brazilian Catch Data for Brazilian Marine Waters (1950-2010) Kátia de Meirelles Felizola Freire, José Augusto Negreiros Aragão, Ana Rosa da Rocha Araújo, Antônio Olinto Ávila-da-Silva,Expand
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Experiência de monitoramento participativo a bordo de embarcações da pesca artesanal no Território da Cidadania do Baixo Sul da Bahia, Brasil Participatory Monitoring Experience On-Board Artisinal
A pilot experience of participatory monitoring and biological sampling realized by artisanal fishermen on-board their vessels was conducted between January 2011 and April 2012 in a Territory ofExpand
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Notas sobre a alimentação de syacium micrurum ranzani, 1842 actinopterygii: paralichthyidae) no talude continental ao largo da Bahia (nordeste do brasil), oceano Atlântico Ocidenta
Informations about biology of 100 specimens of Syacium micrurum Ranzani, 1842 (Actinopterygii: Paralichthyidae) from Bahia state (northeastern Brazil, Western Atlantic Ocean) are presented. TotalExpand