George O. Gey

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The cells of a human epithelial cancer cultivated en masse have been shown to support the multiplication of all three types of poliomyelitis virus. These cells (strain HeLa of Gey) have been maintained in vitro since their derivation from an epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix in February, 1951. As the virus multiplied it caused in from 12 to 96 hours(More)
The rate of change of a microbial population is commonly depicted by a growth curve. This reflection of the dynamic aspects of reproduction under relatively fixed conditions is established readily for most microbial agents by interval enumeration either of the viable forms, or of the viable and nonviable forms. Contrariwise, for viruses, an accurate(More)
A human hormone-synthesizing trophoblastic cell system has been established in vitro and may prove to be the first func tional human embryonic cell line in continuous culture. Chorionic gonadotropin hormone produced by these cultures serve as a marker for identification of the trophoblastic cell. No interruption in this property nor change in cytologie(More)
CONTEXT The long-term effect of aggressively vs moderately fat-restricted diets has not been studied extensively in free-living subjects with different types of hyperlipidemia. OBJECTIVE To compare the cholesterol-lowering effects of 4 levels of dietary fat intake restriction after 1 year. DESIGN Randomized, parallel, comparison trial. SETTING Male(More)