George Nikolaidis

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Teleconsultation services for cardiology patients have been installed and are in routine use since December 2000, connecting a primary health center in rural Crete to a regional hospital. Since efficiency and effectiveness are key factors in the acceptance of the service, integration of the services with the primary health record, support of clinical(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Identification of drug-drug and drug-diseases interactions can pose a difficult problem to cope with, as the increasingly large number of available drugs coupled with the ongoing research activities in the pharmaceutical domain, make the task of discovering relevant information difficult. Although international standards, such as(More)
BACKGROUND Personalized drug prescription can be benefited from the use of intelligent information management and sharing. International standard classifications and terminologies have been developed in order to provide unique and unambiguous information representation. Such standards can be used as the basis of automated decision support systems for(More)
BACKGROUND potential epigenetic biomarkers for malignant transformation to carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (Ca ex PSA) have been sought previously with and without specific comparison with the benign variant, pleomorphic salivary adenoma (PSA). Previous analysis has been limited by a non-quantitative approach. We sought to demonstrate quantitative promoter(More)
The paper presents Panacea, a semantic-enabled framework capable of offering drug-drug and drug-diseases interaction discovery. For enabling this kind of service, medical information and terminology had to be translated to ontological terms and be appropriately coupled with medical knowledge of the field. International standards for diseases and dug(More)
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