George Ngoje

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Hedgehog proteins, signaling molecules implicated in human embryo development and cancer, can be inhibited at the stage of autoprocessing by the trivalent arsenical phenyl arsine oxide (PhAs(III) ). The interaction (apparent Ki , 4 × 10(-7) M) is characterized by an optical binding assay and by NMR spectroscopy. PhAs(III) appears to be the first validated(More)
Hedgehog (Hh) proteins function in cell/cell signaling processes linked to human embryo development and the progression of several types of cancer. Here, we describe an optical assay of hedgehog cholesterolysis, a unique autoprocessing event critical for Hh function. The assay uses a recombinant Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)-active Hh precursor(More)
A series of tolyl 2-azido-2-deoxy-thio-glucoside donors with different combinations of protecting groups were prepared. These donors were used in glycosylation reactions to test the correlations between the stereoselectivity and the pattern of the protecting groups. Acetyl groups showed a position dependent stereo-directing effect. A remote participating(More)
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