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A major initiative in Europe is the protection of its biodiversity. To accomplish this, specific areas from all countries of the European Union are protected by the establishment of the "Natura 2000" network. One of the major threats to these areas and in general to ecosystems is soil erosion. The objective of this study was to quantitatively estimate(More)
Riparian areas in Arizona are being encroached upon by urban developments. This study investigated the impacts of different urban housing densities on riparian vegetation structure along ephemeral streams. Nine sites representing three levels of housing density were selected within the town of Marana, located in southeast Arizona. The housing densities were(More)
Riparian areas provide a wide range of ecosystem services. Population growth in Arizona has led to the urban encroachment of riparian areas. Urbanization alters microclimatic conditions that can affect ecosystems processes. This study investigated the impacts of urbanization levels on ecosystems processes (decomposition rates) of riparian areas along(More)
Soil erosion is one of the biggest global environmental problems. Finding new innovative systems to measure soil erosion more accurately is a priority. An effort is being carried out in this study to use automated electronics in order to systematically and accurately measure soil erosion. In addition, the frequent measurements taken will help collect a(More)
Environmental problems are often difficult to be solved due to the large number of parameters, data required and the conflicting interests of stakeholders. Multi-criteria decision analysis is considered as an analytical approach that is used to simultaneously take into account the multiple parameters, and incorporate the perspectives and preferences of the(More)
Water resources management requires the knowledge of the environmental conditions and hydrologic processes. The development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has allowed the use of spatially and physically based hydrologic models in order to simulate the hydrology in a complicated natural system. It is very important to use such tools especially in(More)
Well-established perennial vegetation in riparian areas of agricultural lands can stabilize the end points of gullies and reduce their overall erosion. The objective of this study was to investigate the impacts of riparian land management on gully erosion. A field survey documented the number of gullies and cattle access points in riparian forest buffers,(More)
—Fires is one of the main types of disturbances that shape ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. However nowadays, climate alterations towards higher temperatures result on increased levels of fire intensity, frequency and spread as well as difficulties for natural regeneration to occur. Thasos Island is one of the Greek islands that has experienced those(More)