George Moore

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Current clinical methods for the assessment of Parkinson's disease suffer from inconvenience, infrequency and subjectivity. WiiPD is an approach for the objective home based assessment of Parkinson's disease which utilizes the intuitive and sensor rich Nintendo Wii Remote. Combined with an electronic patient diary, a suite of mini-games, a metric analyzer,(More)
The prevalence of Parkinson's disease (PD) is increasing due to an ageing population. It is an unpredictable disease which requires regular assessment and monitoring. Current techniques used to assess PD are subjective. Clinicians observe movements made by a patient and subsequently rate the level of severity of, for example tremor or slowness of movement.(More)
The lack of a standard format to store data generated within the smart environments research domain is limiting the opportunity for researchers to share and reuse datasets. The opportunity to exchange datasets is further hampered due to the lack of an online resource to facilitate this. In our current work we have attempted to resolve these issues through(More)
INTRODUCTION A usability test was employed to evaluate two medical software applications at an expert conference setting. One software application is a medical diagnostic tool (electrocardiogram [ECG] viewer) and the other is a medical research tool (electrode misplacement simulator [EMS]). These novel applications have yet to be adopted by the healthcare(More)