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Forest fire prediction constitutes a significant component of forest fire management. It plays a major role in resource allocation, mitigation and recovery efforts. This paper presents a description and analysis of forest fire prediction methods based on artificial intelligence. A novel forest fire risk prediction algorithm, based on support vector(More)
Repetitive armed conflicts may be directly and indirectly responsible for severe biophysical modification to the environment. This, in turn, makes land more susceptible to degradation. Mapping and monitoring land degradation are essential for designing and implementing post-conflict recovery plans and informed policy decisions. The aim of this work was to(More)
The impact of global climate change on Lebanon's society, environment, and economy is expected to be tremendous. Indices have been developed to help in the identification and monitoring of drought and characterization of its severity. In this context, this work aimed at assessing the temporal variability of the Standardized Precipitation Index in Lebanon(More)
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