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The switch to Multi-core systems has ended the reliance on the single processor for increase in performance and moved into Parallelism. However, the exponential growth in performance of the single processor in the 80's and 90's had overshadowed the drive for efficient Parallelism and relegate it into a niche research area, mostly for High Performance(More)
Threaded Data-Flow systems schedule threads based on data-availability i.e. a thread can be scheduled for execution only after all its inputs have been generated by its producer threads. This requires that all data dependencies are resolved. Two approaches are typically utilized for resolving the dependencies:- Compile-time: which is efficient but cannot(More)
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T he Russian military's foray into the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in late February 2014 set in motion a chain of events that some observers fear threatens to dismantle the post-Cold War order presumed to be based on global integration and the rule of international law.1 Such observations are overblown and bear close, critical scrutiny. After such an(More)