George McNamee

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The renal toxicity of gentamicin is altered by dietary protein modifications, bicarbonate and acetazolamide administration, magnesium supplementation, polyaspartic acid, piperacillin, hypercalcemia and calcium channel blockers. Renal tissue gentamicin levels have an undetermined role. Reduction of renal pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP- by gentamicin has been(More)
BACKGROUND Fabric-like hemostatic dressings offer promise for hemorrhage control in noncompressible areas, especially given their similarity in form to standard gauze currently in use. Recently, two such products, Combat Gauze (CBG) and TraumaStat (TMS), were introduced. Their performance is evaluated in two vascular injury models. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
Dopamine is a commonly used pressor agent. Frequently recognized side effects other than occasional reports of pedal gangrene respond to reduction of dose. Because a number of compounds interfere with vitamin B6 and dopamine toxicity in animals is modified by B6, we studied the dopamine-vitamin B6 interaction in rabbits. Six animals received 40 mg(More)
Theophylline overdosage can cause life-threatening symptoms, that include seizures and cardiac arrhythmias, and can be fatal. Neither the onset of toxicity nor the severity of symptoms is well predicted by serum theophylline concentrations. Since depressed vitamin B6 plasma levels can occur in patients receiving theophylline, we explored a B6-theophylline(More)
Sequential liver biopsies of owl monkeys that had been experimentally infected with one of two strains of hepatitis A virus (HM-175 or PA-33) were examined for histopathologic alterations. Preinoculation biopsies were normal with only occasional minimal mononuclear cell infiltrates in portal tracts and hepatic lobular parenchyma. Histopathologic features(More)
During development of a pig model of neurologic decompression illness (DCI) we noted that treadmill-trained pigs seemed less likely to develop DCI than sedentary pigs. The phenomenon was formally investigated. Twenty-four immature, male, castrated, pure-bred Yorkshire swine were conditioned by treadmill running, while 34 control pigs remained sedentary. All(More)
Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) can transport 50 times more oxygen than human plasma. Their properties may be advantageous in preservation of tissue viability in oxygen-deprived states, such as in acute lung injury. We hypothesized that an intravenous dose of the PFC emulsion Oxycyte® would improve tissue oxygenation and thereby mitigate the effects of acute lung(More)
THE AIM OF THE STUDY An ideal hemostatic dressing that would control bleeding and protect the wound from further contamination is still being sought for combat casualty care. The new SilverLeaf™ (SL) bandage was made of material containing active hemostatic property and possible antimicrobial property from silver coating. This study was conducted to compare(More)
Peripheral venous access can often be difficult to obtain in infants and young children. Landmark articles in the 1940s showed that the intraosseous (IO) route was a viable one for resuscitation. While anecdotal reports and clinical experience suggest that blood products can be transfused via the IO route, it has not been specifically studied nor(More)