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OBJECTIVE Neurobehavioral symptoms are not uncommon after a traumatic brain injury. However, psychiatric syndromes per se have rarely been studied in patients with such an injury. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the type and extent of psychiatric syndromes in patients with traumatic brain injury. METHOD One hundred ninety-six hospitalized adults(More)
  • G McCarthy
  • 1999
This study examines the relationship between attachment style and love relationships and friendships in a group of women (N = 40) known to be at risk of experiencing relationship problems. The association between attachment style and measures of self-esteem and depression were also investigated. Women with a secure attachment style had more positive ratings(More)
The role of attachment style, self-esteem, and relationship attributions as possible mediators between abusive childhood experiences and difficulties in establishing supportive love relationships in adulthood were investigated in a sample of women known to be at risk of experiencing relationship problems. Measures of child abuse, the quality of love(More)
Interest in homeownership among Americans has been justified by claims that it confers benefits both to individuals and to the society as a whole, including good citizens, stable neighborhoods and strong communities. This paper examines evidence for these claims. Strong and consistent evidence indicates that homeowners are more likely to: a) be satisfied(More)
  • G McCarthy
  • 1998
The study examined the relationship between attachment representations and representations of the self in relation to others in a sample of 42 children aged between 4 and 5.9 years. The relationship between children's attachment representations and parents' style of regulating negative affect was also explored. The families were using local authority(More)
Migration of labor in response to structural changes in the U.S. economy is explored. An empirical study of the migration decision and wage determination is used to evaluate: 1) whether unemployment plays a larger role in motivating the decision to migrate than spatial wage differences and 2) whether the population can be characterized as homogeneous(More)
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