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  • G Maycock
  • 1996
This paper presents the results of a postal questionnaire survey of just over 4600 male drivers aimed at exploring the relationship between accidents and daytime sleepiness. Drivers in this survey provided details of the accidents they had experienced in the last 3 years, and identified those factors they thought had contributed to their accidents. In(More)
An interview survey of 996 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers was undertaken. It was designed to investigate the relationship between HGV drivers' accidents, daytime sleepiness (measured using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale) and other relevant physical characteristics. The drivers were sampled randomly at motorway service areas. The average age was 41.4 y (SD(More)
The authors examined the phenomenology of bibliotherapy and its effects in changing preservice teachers' punitive attitudes toward children. Participants (N = 29) were enrolled in a university course (Introduction to Emotional Disturbance). Five books by Torey Hayden, autobiographical accounts of teaching and building relationships with students with(More)
  • G Maycock
  • 1986
This paper summarizes contributions to the IDBRA workshop made by Votey, Krupp and Jones-Lee. Votey set out the basic principles of costs and benefits as applied to accident control measures and discussed the various elements of effective economic analysis. Krupp presented information relating to the determination of the costs of injury accidents in the(More)
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