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Majority-logic decoding is attractive for three reasons: (I) It can be simply implemented; (2) the decoding delay is short; and (3) its performance, while suboptimal, is always superior to bounded distance decoding. For these reasons, majority-logic decodable cyclic codes are very suitable f o r error control in high speed digital data transmission systems.(More)
This paper describes the Smart Vehicle Screening System, which can be installed into a tollbooth for automated recognition of vehicle license plate information using a photograph of a vehicle. An automated system could then be implemented to control the payment of fees, parking areas, highways, bridges or tunnels, etc. There are considered an approach to(More)
In this paper we consider the question of how much space is needed to represent a set. Given a finite universe U and some subset V (called the vocabulary), an <underline>exact membership tester</underline> is a procedure that for each element s in U determines if s is in V. An <underline>approximate membership tester</underline> is allowed to make mistakes:(More)