George MacDonald

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Brief case histories involving incest were presented to police officers, child welfare workers, and community mental health practitioners in a rural area in Canada. Intervention priorities involving “treatment versus punishment” were assessed across the three professional groups for each specific case vignette. Attitudes were assessed on three factors:(More)
Virtual time travel from existing remains of a heritage site to its previous states and original condition is an educational and interesting experience and can provide better understanding of history. However, digitally reconstructing non-existing objects is a challenge. The interaction and navigation within virtual 4D worlds (adding time to 3D worlds) is(More)
An Attendance Counselor contacted adults (mediators) who controlled reinforcers for six chronic nonattenders (targets); agreements (deals) were made between mediators and targets that reinforcers would be provided, contingent on school attendance. Absence of the Attendance Counselor from school for a two-week period constituted a reversal condition, after(More)
AIMS To determine the prevalence of isolated tumour cells (ITC) in lymph nodes of patients with pathological node-negative (pN0) tumours and to assess their impact on disease-free and overall survival. METHODS Paraffin embedded lymph nodes from oesophagogastrectomy specimens were examined immunohistochemically using monoclonal anti-cytokeratin antibody(More)
The Linear Logistic Test Model (LLTM) is capable of bridging cognitive processing models and psychometric models. A simulation study was undertaken to determine the utility of the algorithm methods available in PROC NLMIXED according to varying sample sizes, and number of cognitive components. The results of the simulations are interpreted and their(More)
Measures of effect size are recommended to communicate information on the strength of relationships between variables, providing information to supplement the reject / fail-to-reject decision obtained in statistical hypothesis testing. With artificially dichotomized response variables, seven methods have been proposed to estimate the standardized mean(More)
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Our God he is a castle strong, / A good mail-coat and weapon; He sets us free from ev'ry wrong / That wickedness would heap on. The old knavish foe / He means earnest now; force and cunning sly / His horrid policy, On earth there's nothing like him. A mighty fortress is our God, / a bulwark never failing; our helper he amid the flood / of mortal ills(More)
Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the Victorian visionary and prolific writer, George MacDonald, achieved enormous popularity in his own day both as an imaginative storyteller and as an authentic prophetic voice. ―Between 1851 and 1897,‖ notes Frederick Buechner in the forward to Rolland Hein's biography, ―he wrote over fifty books—novels, plays,(More)
In this study a broadly representative sample of clients in the City of Westminster, receiving Care in the Community for reasons of mental ill-health, were interviewed regarding their experiences of, and levels of satisfaction with, services provided. The results reveal the vulnerability of services users, the benefits of community care, the high regard the(More)
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