George M. White

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The examination scheduling problem has been examined and a four-phase system using a tabu search algorithm, OTTABU, has been implemented. This system uses both recency-based short-term memory and move (or frequency)-based longer-term memory to improve the quality of the solutions found. The system was tested using real data obtained from the University of(More)
The current literature of information systems has dealt extensively with all kinds of exceptions. There are several studies defining the concept of exception and even providing classifications. However, no studies provide a method for verifying the rules in order to handle exceptions and to achieve the goals set by an organization's rules. In this paper, a(More)
Four heuristic algorithms based on or inspired by the well-known Tabu Search method have been used to cast heuristically optimized schedules for a clinical training unit of a hospital. It has been found experimentally that the algorithm of choice for this problem depends on the exact goal being sought where the execution time is one of the components of the(More)