George M . Vaughan

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Enhanced neoplastic growth and metabolism have been reported in animals maintained in a constant light (24L:0D) environment. Results from this laboratory indicate that tumor growth is directly dependent upon increased ambient blood concentrations of arachidonic and linoleic acids, particularly linoleic acid. Tumor linoleic acid utilization and production if(More)
Adult male Syrian hamsters either placed in a short photoperiod alone or kept in a long photoperiod and given daily afternoon injections of the pineal indole melatonin (25 micrograms) exhibited splenic hypertrophy and extramedullary hematopoiesis in addition to a marked regression in testicular weight. The testicular regression as well as the changes in(More)
Norepinephrine (NE, 10(-6) M) stimulated melatonin accumulation in the incubation medium of rat (but not Syrian hamster) pineals taken at the end of the light phase. However, NE elevated melatonin accumulation in the medium of pineals taken after 20 min of light exposure of animals of either species at 6 h into the 10-h dark phase. A dose response to(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the occurrence of fungal wound infection (FWI) after thermal injury and its relationship to mortality. BACKGROUND FWI is an uncommon but potentially lethal complication of severe thermal injury. METHODS The records of patients with thermal burns admitted to a single burn center (1991-2002) were reviewed. Analyses accounted for total(More)
Recently, it was shown that a 1.5-ml subcutaneous saline injection depressed N-acetyltransferase (NAT) activity and melatonin content in the rat pineal gland at night. The present studies were undertaken to determine if another perturbation, swimming, could duplicate this response. Rats swam at 23.10 h (lights out at 20.00 h) for 10 min and were killed 15(More)
High-voltage electric injury (HVEI) is associated with a high incidence of extremity compartment syndrome and of major amputation. The purpose of this study was to review our experience with HVEI and to attempt to develop predictors of the need for fasciotomy and amputation in patients with HVEI. The records of the 195 patients with HVEI who were admitted(More)
In this prospective study of thyroid catecholamine interactions, 15 severely burned patients were divided into two groups. Nine patients receiving 200 micrograms/day of triiodothyronine constituted the T3-treated group. Eight additional patients constituted the untreated group. Mean serum concentrations of T3 were significantly lower in the untreated group(More)
Melatonin levels exhibited a day-night rhythm with highest levels at night. Nocturnal plasma melatonin concentrations were unrelated to sleep stages, whereas secretion of GH was temporally related to slow wave sleep. Levels of corticotropin rose in the later sleep cycles. We found no relationship between endogenous nocturnal melatonin and adenohypophyseal(More)
The relationship between effective blood volume and related hormones in burn patients following resuscitation is not well understood. Previous reports have suggested that hormone secretion is altered by a resetting of neural control mechanisms. Serum and urine sodium, plasma renin activity, serum ADH, cardiac index, effective renal plasma flow, and total(More)