George M. Turner

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OBJECTIVE To investigate possible impairment of memory during pregnancy. DESIGN The performance of pregnant women in a variety of tests of memory was compared to that of controls. SETTING The Bristol Maternity Hospital. SUBJECTS Forty-eight volunteer pregnant women attending for routine antenatal checks were compared to 19 nonpregnant controls. MAIN(More)
Epileptic seizures occur less during wakefulness or paradoxical sleep, conditions during which hippocampal theta rhythm is seen. This leads to the hypothesis that this rhythm indicates a physiological state of the hippocampal formation which opposes its recruitment into seizures. This was tested by determining the effects of experimental induction or(More)
Pregnant subjects rated their memories as worse than normal and their ratings differed significantly from controls. Explicit memory tested by both recognition and recall was unimpaired. In contrast, implicit memory was significantly impaired in primigravidae. Impairment in implicit memory correlated with the subjective memory ratings. The dissociation of(More)
Four patients underwent emergency colectomy during pregnancy or the puerperium for complications of ulcerative proctocolitis. Three had inactive colitis at conception, while in the fourth the disease started during pregnancy. Three patients required subtotal colectomy and ileostomy for toxic dilatation during the third trimester or within 5 days of(More)
The efficacy of graduated compression stockings in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after major gynaecological surgery was investigated in a controlled randomized prospective trial in 196 patients who were greater than 35 years of age. The stockings were worn by 104 of the 196 patients throughout their stay in hospital, the other 92 patients did(More)
Microcomputer systems have been installed in the delivery suites of two obstetric units which cater between them for nearly 10 000 deliveries annually. The midwifery and medical staff enter administrative, antenatal, anaesthetic and delivery details during labour and as soon after delivery as possible. The computer prints out the official Birth(More)
Plasma lactoferrin levels were determined by radioimmunoassay for the different weeks of normal pregnancy, in normal healthy adults and in children with and without cystic fibrosis. The lactoferrin levels were higher in pregnancy than in both male and female normal adults and showed a slight progressive increase up to week 29 and thereafter remained high.(More)
The cerebellum is electrically and metabolically active during seizures. Numerous studies have also shown that cerebellar electrical stimulation and lesions of the cerebellar cortex or nuclei influence seizure threshold, but there are significant contradictions, with different effects observed even in investigations using the same species and similar(More)
In order to assess the significance of fetal facial anomalies detected by ultrasound, a 4 year review was made of all detailed antenatal scans performed in our department. Anomalies were detected in 24 fetuses. All findings were subsequently confirmed. Micrognathia was the most common finding, 38% of these had an abnormal karyotype, and 45% had a recognized(More)
We report our experiences with nine women suffering from hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy who between them had 13 pregnancies, 10 of which were directly managed by us. Though at first we felt that the theoretical hazards of vaginal delivery indicated elective caesarean section, experience has convinced us that in the absence of an obstetrical(More)