George M. Singer

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BACKGROUND In treating secondary hyperparathyroidism, the target level of serum intact parathyroid hormone (I-PTH) should be three to five times normal to prevent adynamic bone disease. In circulation, there is a non-(1-84) PTH-truncated fragment, likely 7-84, which, in addition to PTH 1-84, is measured by most I-PTH immunoradiometric (IRMA) assays, giving(More)
The feasibility of outpatient anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery has not been reported in the literature. We evaluated outpatient ACL surgery by comparing outpatient versus inpatient pain control, narcotic consumption, postoperative complications, recovery time, and cost analysis. Thirty-seven ACL reconstructions were performed in 37 patients over a(More)
The present study examines the dose-response pattern of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol self-injection in naive rats at 80% reduced body weight and 100% body weight, both conditions with a fixed-time 1 min (FT-1) food delivery schedule. The results indicated that food deprived animals tested on a FT-1 min schedule self-injected low doses of delta 9-THC at a(More)
Previous findings have shown that naive rats self-inject IV delta 9-THC 12.5 microgram/kg/infusion in the presence of a FT-1 non contingent food delivery schedule. In the present study the effects of three different body weight levels, 80%, 90% and 100%, with and without a FT-1 food delivery schedule, were examined on the THC self-injection behavior.(More)
Endogenous levels of salsolinol and dopamine were measured by a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) - selected ion monitoring technique using deuterated internal standards in Long Evans rats chronically exposed to ethanol for ten months. Chronic ethanol exposure produced significant increases of dopamine and salsolinol concentrations in the medial(More)
Direct injury of the brain is followed by inflammatory responses regulated by cytokines and chemoattractants secreted from resident glia and invading cells of the peripheral immune system. In contrast, after remote lesion of the central nervous system, exemplified here by peripheral transection or crush of the facial and hypoglossal nerve, the locally(More)
Endogenous levels of salsolinol and dopamine were measured by a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)--selected ion monitoring technique using deuterated internal standards in rats allowed to self-inject either acetaldehyde, ethanol or saline control solution over 20 days for 1 h/day. Significant increases in medial basal hypothalamic (MBH) and(More)
Lactate accumulation was measured soon after decapitation in three adjacent lower spinal cord regions of rats with EAE. Results indicate that during EAE, and in correlation with the onset of clinical signs of both initial attack and short-term relapse, a differential focal increase in lactate accumulation occurs in rat spinal cord compared to Freund's(More)
Groups of male rats totally food deprived for periods up to 96 hr, water ad lib do not totally regain body weight lost through deprivation. Degree of body weight defence was estimated by fitting statistically a curve to the predeprivation baseline data and extrapolating the curve over the deprivation and postdeprivation period. From group data, body weight(More)