George M. Parsons

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The prevalence of antibody to hepatitis C virus (HCV) was estimated in 3 tropical populations using 2 screening ELISAs to detect antibody to the c100-3 antigen and 2 supplementary assays designed to test the specificity of these tests. Two hundred and eighty-six of 385 (74.2%) sera from Kiribati, 17 of 138 (12.3%) sera from Vanuatu, and 39 of 173 (22.5%)(More)
The Extended Air Defense Testbed (EADTB), is a comprehensive, high- and mixed-level-of-detail, environment for modeling weapon system entities and interactions. Due to the complexity of the models and large scenario sizes, in its current single-threaded form, EADTB is limited in run-time speed. Our goal is to speed up the simulation without re-architecture(More)
Simulations are a primary tool of Information Technologists, particularly in this day of reduced defense budgets. There is a need to dramatically speed up existing military simulations to support both large real-time scenarios and Monte-Carlo analyses. One such simulation is the Extended Air Defense Testbed (EADTB), a composable, comprehensive weapon system(More)
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