George M. Kunz

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The correlation between palpitations and arrhythmias was examined using 319 long term Ecgs of 167 patients. Furthermore, we attempted to determine the shortest possible recording time permitting the correct diagnosis of an arrhythmia and ST-segment changes. 31 arrhythmias (9.7%) were correctly identified by our patients; On the other hand, while there were(More)
If multiple biopsy cores contain prostate cancer with differing Gleason scores, should an overall Gleason score be assigned, or should each core be graded separately? We obtained data on 127 men with prostate cancer on needle biopsy who underwent subsequent radical prostatectomy at our institution. We compared the Gleason scores found on needle biopsy with(More)
The fibrolamellar variant of hepatocellular carcinoma (FL-HCC) is an uncommon visceral malignancy with a distinctly better prognosis. An accurate initial diagnosis, therefore, is essential for prognostic and therapeutic reasons. This case report describes the cytomorphology of an unusual case of FL-HCC in a 13-yr-old boy who was found to have a hepatic mass(More)
In this double-blind placebo-controlled trial were studied the efficacy and safety of Flumazenil (Anexate) administered postoperatively for reversing the central effects of midazolam. Fifty-nine patients were sedated with midazolam for surgery under epidural or spinal anaesthesia. At the end of operations Flumazenil was i.v. injected in incremental doses up(More)
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