George Luger

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Tuning and controlling particle accelerators is time consuming and expensive. Inherently nonlinear, the control problem is one to which conventional methods cannot satisfactorily be applied. Advanced information technologies such as expert systems and neural networks have been applied separately to the problem, with isolated success. Few, if any, of these(More)
The field of AI has changed significantly in the past couple of years and will likely continue to do so. Driven by a desire to expose our students to relevant and modern materials, we conducted two surveys, one of AI instructors and one of AI practitioners. The surveys were aimed at gathering information about the current state of the art of introducing AI(More)
We present a portable system for intelligent control of particle accelerators. This system is based on a hierarchical distributed architecture. At the lowest level, a physical access layer provides an object-oriented abstraction of the target system. A series of intermediate layers implement general algorithms for control, optimization, data interpretation,(More)
Vista Control Systems, Inc. is developing a portable system for intelligent accelerator control. Our design is general in scope and is thus configurable to a wide range of accelerator facilities and control problems. The control system employs a multi-layer organization in which knowledge-based decision making is used to dynamically configure a lower level(More)
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is usually defined as the transformation of an acoustic signal to words. Though there are cases where the transformation to words is useful, the definition does not exhaust all contexts in which ASR could be used. Once the constraint that an ASR system outputs words is relaxed, modifications that reduce the search space(More)
Vista Control Systems Inc. is developing a portable system for intelligent accelerator control. Our system is general purpose and has been designed to be reused at multiple accelerator facilities. This portability arises from the hierarchical object-oriented nature of the architecture. The control system employs a multi-level organization in which knowledge(More)