George Livadiotis

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The paper studies the " Lagrangian temperature " defined through the entropy maximization in the canonical ensemble, which is the negative inverse Lagrangian multiplier corresponding to the constraint of internal energy. The Lagrangian temperature is derived for systems out of thermal equilibrium described by kappa distributions such as space plasmas. The(More)
Allee effects, or positive functional relationships between a population’s density (or size) and its per unit abundance growth rate, are now considered to be a widespread if not common influence on the growth of ecological populations. Here we analyze how stochasticity and Allee effects combine to impact population persistence. We compare the deterministic(More)
We introduce a discrete-time host-parasitoid model with a strong Allee effect on the host. We adapt the Nicholson-Bailey model to have a positive density dependent factor due to the presence of an Allee effect, and a negative density dependence factor due to intraspecific competition. It is shown that there are two scenarios, the first with no interior(More)
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