George Liodakis

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Optimizing antenna arrays to approximate desired far field radiation patterns is of exceptional interest in smart antenna technology. This paper shows how to apply artificial intelligence, in the form of neural networks, to achieve specific beam-forming with linear antenna arrays. Multilayer feed-forward neural networks are used to maximize multiple main(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of software for creating test patterns and communicating them to a test platform for electrical appliances as well as the architecture of the testing platform. The software lets the user design different types of voltage fluctuations, repeat and sequence them making testing Series and store them on a PC. The(More)
Examination of the Quality of Service (QoS) at the end-user level of multimedia broadcasting systems is necessary in order to retain the overall performance and the user's satisfaction level from the provided services, by revealing the possible weaknesses of the systems' specifications. Accordingly we examine Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) system's(More)
Scattering of arbitrarily polarized electromagnetic plane waves by a dielectric cylinder buried in an unbounded dielectric space and enclosing an array of parallel doubly layered (pipeline-type) dielectric circular cylinders is studied, in case of oblique incidence. The objective of this work is to present an exercise suitable for an advanced course on(More)
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