George Levy

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Calling NAG routines from Visual Basic (or Excel) can provide a convenient way quickly to develop graphical user interfaces and packages that use mathematicalroutines. The aim of this report is to show how the complete range of NAG C DLL routines can be called directly from Visual Basic, and thus allow programmers/package builders maximum exibility when(More)
This comment by the author discusses paragraph 3.3. Adiabatic Phenomena—An Analogy of the published article [1]. The paragraph draws an incorrect analogy between Maxwellian gases such as found in the atmosphere, and non-Maxwellian gases embodied, for example, by electrical carriers in thermoelectric materials. As reported by the author in more recent(More)
This report describes a set of nancial routines and example programs in C that have been developed at NAG. A complete list of the available functions and their prototypes is given in the Appendix. At present the routines are distributed as a Microsoft DLL which requires linking to the NAG C Library.
Microsoft Excel is widely used to analyse and graph financial data. The purpose of this article is to show how to customise Excel to the needs of a particular individual or company and enhance the power of Excel for financial analysis. We illustrate the use of a Visual Basic routine to evaluate an option's value that depends on the value of one underlying(More)
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