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EXTENDED ABSTRACT Pasture-based dairying in New Zealand presents challenges to both farmers and researchers. Farmers want to increase production, reduce costs and remain profitable under variable climatic and economic conditions. Researchers want to understand and keep track of the complex biological interactions on a farm, integrate this with economic(More)
This paper investigates not fully explained voltage offsets observed by several researchers during the measurement of the Seebeck coefficient of high Z materials. These offsets, traditionally attributed to faulty laboratory procedures, have proven to have an irreducible component that cannot be fully eliminated in spite of careful laboratory procedures. In(More)
Calling NAG routines from Visual Basic (or Excel) can provide a convenient way quickly to develop graphical user interfaces and packages that use mathematicalroutines. The aim of this report is to show how the complete range of NAG C DLL routines can be called directly from Visual Basic, and thus allow programmers/package builders maximum exibility when(More)
This comment by the author discusses paragraph 3.3. Adiabatic Phenomena—An Analogy of the published article [1]. The paragraph draws an incorrect analogy between Maxwellian gases such as found in the atmosphere, and non-Maxwellian gases embodied, for example, by electrical carriers in thermoelectric materials. As reported by the author in more recent(More)
This report describes a set of nancial routines and example programs in C that have been developed at NAG. A complete list of the available functions and their prototypes is given in the Appendix. At present the routines are distributed as a Microsoft DLL which requires linking to the NAG C Library.
EXTENDED ABSTRACT A whole-farm model of a dairy farm was optimised to assist the strategic decision making given the uncertain environment. Decisions under consideration included the stocking rate, the calving pattern (defined by calving and dry-off dates) and the use of supplementary feed. These individual decisions are considered as the choice of a farm(More)
Microsoft Excel is widely used to analyse and graph financial data. The purpose of this article is to show how to customise Excel to the needs of a particular individual or company and enhance the power of Excel for financial analysis. We illustrate the use of a Visual Basic routine to evaluate an option's value that depends on the value of one underlying(More)
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