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Transportation networks are open and accessible, by design, and thus vulnerable to malicious attacks. Transportation networks are integral parts of larger systems, where individual transportation networks form a network-of-networks within a defined geographical region. A security incident on an asset can propagate to new security incidents in interconnected(More)
We provide novel results on the development of an intelligent risk management and threat monitoring visualization tool realized within the EU funded project SERSCIS (Semantically Enhanced, Resilient and Secure Critical Infrastructure Services). After a brief overview of existing risk management methods for Critical Infrastructures (CIs), the SERSCIS(More)
This paper presents INSPEC2T's approach of designing and implementing a smart mobile application, part of a greater system (background services and supporting tools) emphasizing on its impact in day to day community policing operations and also in strategic decision making. Important aspects are: automation of processes, compliance to ethical and legal(More)
Border security is one of the key challenges to be taken up by Europe in the following years. In particular, the deployment of practical efficient means to detect hidden persons and illegal substances at border crossing points is instrumental in avoiding terrorism, human trafficking or smuggling. This study presents the concept of an orthogonal" approach to(More)
— The two FP7 projects ICARUS and DARIUS share a common objective which is to integrate the unmanned platforms in Search and Rescue operations and assess their added value through the development of an integrated system that will be tested in realistic conditions on the field. This paper describes the concept of both projects towards an optimized(More)
This paper presents the result of the work achieved in the frame of three successive European Projects, which aimed to build an innovative system to assist security managers in the crisis preparation, training and management phases. The iterative approach of the consortium is presented, as well as the results. A novel interactive and shared Common(More)
Public safety organizations include emergency and law enforcement agencies, fire departments, rescue squads, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In response to increasing threats of terrorism and natural disasters, safety and security personnel must overcome technology barriers to enhance their efficiency, especially in the neuralgic section of(More)